Guide Chromatographie Cytiva

Need help with choosing the right purification products? Ion exchange chromatography Guide to chromatography resins Capto HiRes 2 columns Q (anion exchanger) S (cation exchanger) Capto ImpRes Q (anion exchanger) SP (cation exchanger) Sepharose High Performance Q (anion exchanger) SP (cation exchanger) Small-scale preparative /analytical Preparative puri cation Routine puri cation with faster loading of viscous samples (e.g., E. coli lysates) Routine puri cation SOURCE™ 15 Q (anion exchanger) S (cation exchanger) High resolution at fast žow rates Highest resolution 1 (e.g., structural biology and protein analysis) IEX For ordering information, visit GE, the GE Monogram, Capto, GraviTrap, HiLoad, HiPrep, HiScreen, HiTrap, MabSelect, MabSelect SuRe, MidiTrap, MiniTrap, MonoBeads, MultiTrap, RESOURCE, Sephacryl, Sephadex, Sepharose, SOURCE, SpinTrap, Superdex, Superose, and Tricorn are trademarks of General Electric Company. Strep -tag and Strep -tactin are trademarks of IBA GmbH. TALON is a trademark of Clontech Laboratories, Inc. Superflow is a trademark of Sterogene Bioseparations Inc. All other third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2019 General Electric Company. GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB, Björkgatan 30, 751 84 Uppsala, Sweden. For local office contact information, visit gelifescien KA3583240919FL 29167217 AE For other chromatography techniques such as multimodal chromatography or hydrophobic interaction chromatography, please visit Click on the icons to be directed to the corresponding web page. Home 1 Compared with other IEX columns from GE Healthcare Life Sciences. 2 Capto HiRes replaces MonoBeads™ resin. cytivalifesci Cytiva Life Sci nces. Nina GULOVA Responsable de gamme Biologie moléculaire Tel +33 (o)3 68 71 84 93 Yongoua SANDJEU Spécialiste en biologie moléculaire (réactifs et équipements) Secteur Sud et Est Tel +33 (o)7 64 49 31 23 Julien PAUREAU Spécialiste en biologie moléculaire Secteur Nord et Ouest Tel +33 (o)7 64 56 17 49 Dominique Dutscher SAS - 2C rue de Bruxelles - 67170 BERNOLSHEIM - Tel +33 (0)3 88 59 33 90 CONTACTS