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Falcon Plastics Chemical Compatibility Guide
Compatibility Guide - Coolbox et Coolracks Corning®
Technical Note - Corning Culture Chamber
Application Note - Corning® products effective for 3D culture
Technical information - Corning® BioCoat™ Supports
Technical information - Corning matrices® Matrigel™
Application note - Corning matrices® Matrigel™ 1
Application note - Corning matrices® Matrigel™ 2
Application note - Human airway epithelial cell culture and COVID research
Application note - Corning spheroid culture plate®
Chemical resistance guide - TPP
Technical information - Quality of TPP supports
Selection Guide - NUNC IVF Products
Application note - Upcell NUNC supports
Selection Guide - M3D Greiner Bio-One 3D Cell Culture System
Technical information - Greiner Bio-One Microplates Dimensions
Chemical resistance guide - Greiner Bio-One
ClearLine® adhesive film selection guide
Technical note - Comparison of incubator space usage between Greiner Bio-One CELLdiscs and multi-stage flasks
Technical note - Greiner Bio-One CELLdisc compact design for mass production of cells
Application note - Autoclaving procedure for Nalgene plastics
Technical information - Nalgene bottles and carboys brochure
Chemical resistance guide - Nalgene
Selection Guide - EASYstrainer™ and EASYstrainer™ SMALL
Chemical Compatibility Guide for Gosselin Corning Products
PHCBI Prime Surface Microplates
SLIT PHCBI Prime Surface 96-well Microplate
Selection guide - Biopredic Cells
Selection guide - Transwell® inserts
Technical information - Corning® flasks and plates
Selection guide - Corning® Microplates
Technologie Biomimesys 3D
Greiner Bio-One
Merck Millipore
Biomimesys 3D Technology
Cell culture flasks
Petri dishes
Cell scrapers and lifters
Cell culture plates and seals
IVF plastics
Inserts for cell culture plates
Culture 3D Kit
Selection kits
Baffled and spinner flasks
Soltions techniques
Coated cell culture plastics
Cell strainers
Microscope slides and cover slips
Cell culture accessories
Plant cell culture
Tissue grinders / Pestles / Homogenisers
Bioprocessing equipment
Sample preparation
Cell counters
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