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The keys to sampling

Brochure 2021 / 2022

Dear Customers,

What if it all started with a sample.

The beginning of quality, as in many other areas, is sampling. Depending on the environment and product constraints, it can take different forms and at different times. But it remains the essential starting point for any successful evaluation, traceability and monitoring over time.

To help you in this essential step of a quality procedure, Dominique DUTSCHER offers you its first Sampling catalogue. This support, through the diversity of the products it presents, can bring solutions to your needs; and if this is not the case, it can be used as a link to a request that you may wish to entrust to us.

Our website, our sales assistants and our sales staff are at your disposal to listen, analyse, research and propose the solution(s)...

Kind regards,

The Agribusiness and Industry team

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