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The keys to sampling

What if it all started with a sample.

The beginning of quality, as in many other areas, is sampling. Depending on the environment and product constraints, it can take different forms and at different times. But it remains the essential starting point for any successful evaluation, traceability and monitoring over time.

To help you in this essential step of a quality procedure, Dominique DUTSCHER offers you its first Sampling catalogue...

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Water is life ! ( french language )

Water has become a raw material via its cost of acquisition, its treatment, and its rejection.
In industry, in agribusiness or in laboratory, all the services either of maintenance, production or transport are water consumers.
Physicochemical or microbiological quality volumes and constraints differ depending on the use, but all are followed by sampling and traceable analysis.

Dominique Dutscher offers its first water analysis catalog "ÇA COULE DE SOURCE" with the products and materials that will allow all of those demands to be met.

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Quality in your labo ( french language )

The quality assurance on a food industry production site is made of several stages. The laboratory it's a vital link of the quality chain but all the services are concerned.

You will find in this section « Quality » all the products, instruments and accessories that we offer, in order to validate and certify the product's compliance

Reception, shipping through maintenance, production and cleaning teams, will al find the way to achieve their quality goals.

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