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Key products Binder
Products Binder

Founded in 1983 by Peter M. Binder in Tuttlingen, Germany, BINDER GmbH launches its first hot air sterilizer in the same year.
Today, as a global specialist in environmental simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, this family-owned company continues to innovate to bring to its equipment a state-of-the-art technology and a know-how recognized throughout the world.
Innovations, precision, rigor of machining and intensive quality controls confer to BINDER products a standard of excellence that meets the expectations of biotechnology companies and industries.

BINDER focusing on a reliable machining of quality material of a high german technicality, combined with a panel of complete services and a competent expertise and advice.

Dominique DUTSCHER offers you a wide choice of BINDER devices that will allow you to perfectly simulate the environmental, biological, chemical and physical conditions for your complex lab work: incubations, environmental stress test, stability test...

Key products binder

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