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Key products MERCK

Founded in 1668 by Friedrich Jacob Merck in Germany, Merck is a family-owned and international company that develops products and solutions for the healthcare, life sciences and industry sectors. It acquires in 2010 Millipore Corporation becoming Merck Millipore.

Moving science and technology forward

Aiming to miving science and technology forward by supporting scientists and engineers in their research, Merck has developed cutting-edge products that accelerate research and production. Thanks to close collaboration with the scientific community during the development of its products, Merck is an innovative ally for universities, the biotechnology sector and for industry

Concerned about the environment, Merck develops sustainable products with limited impact on the environment while reducing its consumption of natural resources and emissions.

Dominique DUTSCHER offers you consumables for cell culture, molecular biology and microbiology: flasks, plates and inserts for culture, filtration and ultrafiltration, molecular biology reagent...

We also offer equipment such as filtration units and water purification systems Millipore Merck.

Merck company Video presentation :

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