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Mettler Toledo is a leading manufacturer of precision instruments and service providers for the laboratory and manufacturing industries. Through its RAININ™, brand, Mettler Toledo offers pipetting solutions with a wide range of manual, electronic, single and multi-channel pipettes as well as BioClean certified tips.

Rainin offers two models of micropipettes : &

illustration systeme lite touch

LiteTouch System

The Rainin LTS™ system is composed of a thin, perfectly sealed joint and a positive stop moulded inside each tip. These two mechanisms allow the cone to be loaded onto the pipette and ejected more easily, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

Constant pipetting can lead to injuries. The Rainin LTS LiteTouch System protects pipette users by making tips practically effortless to load and reduces the force require to eject the tips by up to 85%.

  LTS™ Systeme in detail

  LTS™ : for smooth pipetting

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Key products


Model Classic Pipet-Lite™
XLS™ and XLS+™
E4™ XLS™ and XLS+™ Pipet Lite XLS™
with variable tip spacing
E4™ XLS™
with variable tip spacing
Compatibility with the following tips Universal Universal LTS Universal LTS LTS LTS
Operating mode Manual Manual Electronic Manual Electronic
Adjustable spacing between tips
Main features Robust Light and ergonomic : comfortable handling and shock-absorbing ejector Easy configuration and execution of protocols Fast and reliable transfer of several different samples in 24-, 48-, 96-well plates or microtubes with ease
Application Pipetting of aqueous liquids
Volume range 0,1 µl - 10 ml 0,1 µl - 20 ml 1 µl - 20 ml 5 - 1 200 µl 5 - 1 200 µl
Available options Tip Ejector and shaft XLS : Shaft and tip ejector
XLS+ : Shaft and tip ejector, coupling nut, spring, seal and seal retainer
Ejector shaft and arm 6 canaux, 8 canaux 6 canaux,
8 canaux
Suivi RFID
Autoclavable parts Tip Ejector and shaft XLS : Shaft and tip ejector
XLS+ : Shaft and tip ejector, coupling nut, spring, seal and seal retainer
Ejector shaft and arm

Rainin expertise

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