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Shield Scientific is a Dutch company specializing in the manufacture of disposable gloves for the protection of personnel, processes and products.

Combining a laboratory knowledge and high technologies, Shield Scientific uses its expertise to develop pioneering personal protective gloves (PPE) that meet the varied requirements of different sectors of research and industry. The concepts of user comfort and well-being are at the center of Shield Scientific innovation. A reduction in the protein content in latex gloves helps to preserve their health.

Gloves are available in 5 sizes to fit your hands for enhanced protection: Skin NitrileTM technology, gives them unparalleled elasticity, thus ensuring better handling.twinSHIELDTM Technology offers, a better protection through 2 layers that reduce the risk of micro-holes. High compliance with legal requirements is required to provide the best protection for the user.

The SHIELD gloves for the laboratory are PPE compliant with European Regulation 2016/425 (which replaces Directive 89/686 / EEC). They are tested according to ISO 374: 2016 for disposable protective gloves (chemical, biological, infectious risks) and their resistance is tested for a wide range of chemicals.



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Thanks to a colour code, Shield Scientific has distinguished 4 types of laboratory gloves made of nitrile or latex, in accordance with European Regulation 2016/425 (which replaces Directive 89/686 / EEC) and adapted to 4 types of risks:

Blue : DuoSHIELD : double registration as medical devices and PPE for minimal risks

Green: general risk in the laboratory : EcoSHIELD - EPI

Orange : biological risk : SHIELDSkin Orange Nitrile and SHIELDSkin Bright Latex - EPI

Red: chemical risk : SHIELDSkin CHEM - EPI

Rigorous traceability

All Shield Scientific products benefit from rigorous traceability.

Cleanroom gloves:

The SHIELDskin XTREMETM brand, offers very long gloves (300 mm to 600 mm) in nitrile and latex adapted to the requirements of non-contamination of critical environments / clean rooms. Available in sterile and non-sterile versions, or with anti-electrostatic treatment, they comply with Regulation 2016/425 and are Category III PPE. 3 levels of cleanliness are offered:

DI for simple risks, washed with deionized water and their typical particle level is < 3000 par cm² ≥ 0,5 µm.

DI + for high risks. They are subjected to a triple washing with deionized water and their standard particle level is < 950 par cm² ≥ 0,5 µm.

DI++ in case of extreme contamination risk. They are subjected to multiple washes with deionized water and their typical particle level is < 650 per cm² ≥ 0,5 µm.


Choose the Shield adapted to your activity thanks to complete guides! If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to guide you in your choice!


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