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Uvitec is a British company founded in 1996 in Cambridge. Present internationally in scientific research laboratories, it is entirely dedicated to imaging in molecular biology. It designs several high-end imaging systems for genomics and proteomics laboratories, as well as a range of ultraviolet (UV) instruments and accessories. Performing image capture and detection, remain the key factors of Uvitec's success.

The Uvitec High-end products, benefit from the expertise and know-how that lead to cutting-edge innovations for genomics and proteomics research. Made from quality materials (stainless steel), they combine strength and durability. Thanks to the royalty-free software provided with the Uvitec imaging systems, you can acquire, edit and analyze your images on several workstations.

Uvitec offers two categories of imagers to best meet your laboratory needs: the Geldoc range and the Alliance range.

The Geldoc Range

The Geldoc is intended for the documentation of Agarose DNA and RNA electrophoresis gels, also called nucleic acid gels, via the capture and analysis of samples images revealed with Ethidium Bromide (BET) or many other fluorophores such as SYBR, GelRed, GelGreen ...

The Geldoc systems (Essential V6, HD6 Touch, Firereader V10, Uvisave Q9, Platinum Q9) are available in all-in-one versions (board computer and HD Touch screen) or not, depending on the space available in the laboratory and user preferences. All are equipped with state-of-the-art monochromatic cameras and 16-bit CCD scientific sensors offering a dynamic range of 65,535 gray levels ideal for quantization.

The Alliance Range

The Alliance range, based on the Q9 series, is intended for more advanced applications requiring a much higher level of sensitivity, such as western blot chemiluminescence (ECL) but also spectral epi-fluorescence on western blot (fluorophores) and even in-vivo imaging whether it is in bioluminescence (Luciferase) or in biofluorescence (fluorescent proteins or fluorophores).

Designed to provide the best imaginable detection capabilities, Alliance systems deliver the highest level of sensitivity on the market with state-of-the-art specifications: 16-bit CCD sensors, f / 0.80 aperture lens, Peltier camera cooling up to -60 ° C, 4.8 OD dynamic range, direct signal capture and shortened sample / camera distance...

In addition, Alliance cameras offer a dynamic range of 65,535 grayscale ideal for quantization, as well as a native 9.2 megapixel resolution for exceptional images ideal for publishing. Alliance Q9 Mini : an affordable price without compromising the sensitivity, the resolution or the quality. It has the same specifications asAlliance Q9 Advanced, unlike a pre-calibrated optics allowing a much lower purchase price.

Dominique DUTSCHER is the exclusive supplier of Uvitec in France.

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