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Centrifugation is an essential step in laboratory research. It intervenes to separate the phases and particles of mixtures, to determine the blood hematocrit level or to optimize the PCR yield. In order to select the right centrifuge for your needs, it is important to consider several parameters: use, speed of rotation, refrigeration, type of container ...

Dominique DUTSCHER offers a wide choice of centrifuges of all sizes (refrigerated, standing, bench, hand operated, hematocrit, versatile ...) and rotors (for tubes, flasks, strips and / or plates, fixed angle). Numerous options such as a timer, an imbalance detection system, a cover lock, a vortex agitation mode, will allow you to choose the centrifuge that meets all your expectations.

Dominique DUTSCHER is an authorized distributor of quality brands : Eppendorf, Hettich, ClearLine®, Thermo Scientific, Ohaus, Gilson, Benchmark, Labnet... All our centrifuges have a high reliability and robustness to bring you full satisfaction in your work. We invite you to contact our experts for any further information.

ClearLine® Focus Centrifuges

Centrifuges Key products

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