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<b>Dominique Dutscher</b> SAS
<b>Dominique Dutscher</b> SAS

Recycling plastic waste associated with the tips of the Multi Sorenson/ClearLine range

Take part in sustainable development with Dominique Dutscher and give a new life to plastic waste.

Proposed recovery of disposable plastics:

Dominique Dutscher offers the possibility of recovering your uncontaminated recyclable plastics, such as tip empty racks.
This plastic is entrusted to a recycling industry and will have a new life. Contact us!


<b>Dominique Dutscher</b> SAS

ISO 14001: 2015 certification

BCP certifies that the Environmental Management System of the Dominique Dutscher SAS
Organization has been evaluated and found to comply with the requirements of the NF EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard
for the following scope of certification: Sale of materials and consumables for laboratories.


Go Green

Ecological items within the catalog are identified by the GO GREEN logo.

In accordance with this environmental approach, Dominique Dutscher opted for a PEFC certified paper
for catalog printing.

Strict waste management:

All waste produced by the company (paper, cardboard, plastics, electrical equipment, etc.) are strictly sorted and entrusted to recycling sectors.

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