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The months of the essentials of molecular biology

From June 7 to July 31, 2021

The DNA of Dominique DUTSCHER, rich in GC (Generosity towards its Customers), is constantly mutating in order to always make it better fit your needs.
With molecular biology taking an increasingly important place in laboratories, a process of amplification of the products offering dedicated to this discipline has naturally taken place.

Indeed, our team of specialists selects and integrates all products that bring you an advantage. It is in this spirit that it has carried
out a screening of products and reagents at the best price, to accompany you on a daily basis during your molecular biology manipulations.

You will find many brands such as:

Macherey-Nagel, the specialist in nucleic acid extraction
Solis Biodyne, enzyme manufacturer specializing in the production of PCR, qPCR and cDNA synthesis reagents and kits
Condalab, manufacturer specializing in the production of agaroses and bacteriological culture media
Panreac Applichem, manufacturer of decontamination solutions and molecular biology grade products
Eurx, manufacturer of kits and reagents meeting the majority of molecular biology needs including cloning and LAMP PCR
Nippon Genetics, supplier of kits and reagents, products dedicated to electrophoresis

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