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Metrology and micropipettes maintenance

Dominique Dutscher relies on MC2, an independent provider of micropipette manufacturers and specialized in metrology, maintenance, repair, calibration and control of all micropipettes brands.
This brands neutrality guarantees its impartiality. A fast and professional service, a recognized competence in metrology.

• Radioactivity monitoring
• Complete disassembly
• Cleaning as well as chemical and biological decontamination according to AFNOR standards
• Replacement of worn parts with new parts
• Volumetric control according to the ISO 8655 norm
• Issuing of a verification certificate and a sticker stating the control date of the pipette

Any exceedances to the maintenance package (broken parts, piston/plunger remplacement) are systematically subjected to a preliminary quote before repair.

Access here, for the MC2 benefits details:

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