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After-Sales & Repairs Service

     the research of « no worries » for your purchases!

Our After Sales Service and After Delivery Service team has one objective : the research of « no worries » for your purchases.
Outage under warranty, out of warranty outage, metrology, maintenance, goods recovery, shipping breakage, order error... :
we have solutions for you !

All our equipment and micropipettes are guaranteed for at least one year.
Any repair or revision is carried out by Dominique Dutscher SAS.
We answer all defects or product-quality problems (hardware or consumables).

For further information, contact Dominique Dutscher's After-Sales & Repairs service

Tél. 03 88 59 52 85
Fax. 03 88 59 33 99

After Delivery Service :
exchange, return of goods, delivery issue, ...

Retours de marchandise

Did you make a mistake on your order and wish to return
the merchandise ?
The product does not suit you ?
Have the products been delivered to you damaged or with a defect?

Is your delivery package damaged ?
In order for us to effectively process your claim, please provide us the
information upon receipt on the day of delivery, or at the latest within 48 hours.
It is very important that you state this information on the delivery bill,
and then complete the following form :

Our After-Delivery Service (SAL in french) is in charge of answering your requests in the shortest possible time:

Tél. 03 88 59 53 46
Fax. 03 88 59 33 98

In case of a return:

The terms will be given to you, and a RMA (return merchandise authorisation) number will be issued.
Warning: In case of any writing or inscription on the packaging, or absence of original packaging, or any deterioration of the product the return will be refused

Check your packages (amount, status, ...)

- If the products are still suitable to be sold or if the return is not due to any of your actions, we will issue a credit note or exchange.
- Otherwise the product will be returned to you or a restocking fee will be deducted from your credit note.
- Off catalog product will be not accepted ( or special fabrication )

Control, metrology and micropipettes maintenance

Dominique Dutscher relies on MC2, an independent provider of micropipette manufacturers and specialized in metrology, maintenance, repair, calibration and control of all micropipettes brands.
This brands neutrality guarantees its impartiality. A fast and professional service, a recognized competence in metrology.

MC2 : Control, metrology and micropipettes maintenance
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