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Cell culture
Inserts pour culture cellulaire
Erlenmeyer pour culture cellulaire
Flacons de culture
Chambres de culture sur lame
Molecular biology
Cuves d'électrophorèse horizontale Corning®
Mic qPCR Cycler
Preventive Maintenance Service Coupon for Single Channel Micropipette
Purification Robotic Workstation
Molecular Biology - Nucleic Acids
TAE or TBE , agarose and Clear G Buffer Tablets
FastGene NGS-Library Quantification Kit
Molecular biology - Proteins
Quick Coomassie blue stain
Serology - Immunology
Réservoirs à réactifs 55 ml et 100 ml
Reagent Reservoirs
CappWash Plate Wash Kit
Clear Advantage 150 and 300 ml Reagent Tanks
Clear Advantage 300 mL Polypropylene Reagent Reservoir
Analysis - Measurement - Microbiology
G-slides Single use Counting cell
Small Spatulas
CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel
Vials with swab
Storage - Screening
Aperio Semi-Automated Vial Capping and Decapping System
IntelliXcap Automatic Capper & Decapper
Corning® 1536-well Plate
Pipettes - Dispensing
ClearLine® Serology Pipettes
Open Ended Serology Pipettes
ClearLine® Serological pipette 100 ml
Tips - Micropipettes
Pipettes distributrices HandyStep® S et HandyStep® Touch
Pipettes Lambda EliteTouch Corning®
Universal Pipette Wall mount Holder
Universal Stand
Universal Carousel stand
Tubes and racks
Tube à fond rond 5 ml
Kit buleur à CO2
SureSeal Microtubes
Microtubes 1,5 ml
ClearLine® White Cardboard Cryo Boxes
Cardboard Freezing Box
Cryo Box for 5 mL tubes
Drawer racks for boxes 130 x 130 x 50 mm
Colour Scoops
White Scoops
Aluminium Weighing Dish
Stacking Desiccator Cabinet
Desiccant without indicator
Dissection - Sampling
Stainless Steel Dissecting Pins
Tubing clamp
Stainless steel spoons and spatulas set
Stainless steel vibration spatula
Whatman UNIFLO Syringe Filters
Claristep Sartorius Filtration Station
Filtration System with Drain
Glass Vacuum Desiccator
Pyrex volumetric Flask, Class A, UKAS certified
Pyrex Measuring Cylinder, Class A, UKAS certified
Thick Wall Bottle
Health and safety
SAFEMASK PREMIUM respiratory protection masks
HOP Safe PLUS Coveralls
BradyJet J2000 Printer
Brady M611 Printer
Uvicab' UV chamber
Spectrophotomètre Implen Nano N120
Transilluminateur à LED bleu/vert
Transilluminateur MaestroGen UltraBright UV avec ecran de protection
Serum, media and reagents
HYCLONE versatile media without serum
Hyclone range - Buffered saline solutions
CORNING PF Versatile medium without serum
Hyclone AdvanceSTEM range for mouse stem cells
Milieux de culture bactério.
NOMAD Microbial Testers
Plastique - Verrerie - Petit matériel
Bac gastronorme PP économique
Bac gastronorme inox
Bacs gastronorme inox économiques
Bain à extrait sec
Agitateur à pale HEI-Torque Core
Agitateur à hélice VELP OHS
Produits chimiques - Analyse de l'eau (Agro)
Colorimètres monoparamètre and multiparamètres HANNA
Colorimètre multiparamètres Rocker WD100
Colorimètres monoparamètre HACH DR 300
Hygiène and Sécurité (Industrie)
Equipement (Industrie)
Sièges techniques BIMOS Nexxit
Enceintes climatiques à conditions constantes KBF-S Binder
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