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Cell culture Biorcell3D Biorcell3D Solutions Artificial tumour kit® in ready-to-use microplates
Artificial tumour kit® in ready-to-use microplates
Artificial tumours® (3D cultures) from tumour cell lines widely used in oncology
  • More closely mimics the microenvironment of avascular tumours in vivo than 2D cultures
  • Increasingly involved in the development of medicines
  • Ideal study solution for aggressive triple-negative breast cancer

The Opti3D kit® includes artificial tumours® produced in OptiPASS® culture medium in 96-well microplates (one tumour per well)
  • Transport in anoxia and at 4°C for dormancy until use (alternative to freezing)
  • Each microplate includes 100 ml of suitable culture medium (OptiPASS® OPTI03) for in vitro testing

  • Direct use of tumours after deconditioning
  • Reproducible tumour size and morphology
  • Guaranteed: less than 10% variation in size within and between microplates
  • Once deconditioned, resumption of tumour growth for a minimum of 10 days
  • Available for triple-negative breast cancer, very aggressive subtype: MDA-MB-231 line, SUM1315 line
  • Ideal for screening, toxicity testing or basic research into mechanisms of interest
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