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Serology - Immunology Immunoassays Antigenic tests Biosynex covid-19 Ag BSS Rapid Antigenic Test
Biosynex covid-19 Ag BSS Rapid Antigenic Test
  • Immunochromatographic assay for the rapid diagnosis of Covid-19 in cassette
  • Kit Format : Neither material nor additional equipment is required
  • From nasopharyngeal samples taken with a swab by an authorised person
  • 96 % Sensitivity and 100% Specificity
  • No cross-reactivity against other human coronaviruses (229E, OC43, NL63 et HKU1), Influenza A and B and the RSV A and B
  • The result is ready in 15 minutes
  • CE IVD certified
  • Reimbursed by social security (for use that meets the reimbursement criteria)
  • Kit Contents :
    • 25 test cassettes
    • 2 extraction buffer vials
    • 25 sterile swabs
    • 25 extraction tubes
    • Rack
    • Instructions guide
Source : Laboratoire Biosynex
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