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Detergent Phagosurf ND
Disinfectant detergent for surfaces: floor, furniture and non surgical equipment.

? Antimicrobial activity: norm NF EN 1040, norm NF EN 1276
? Fungi: methodology NF EN 1275, C.albicans
? Virus: methodology vs HIV, HBV: scientific report upon request.

- Chemical nature of the active ingredient of the product: quaternary ammonium, amphoteric, co-active agents
- Liquid appearance: clear green
- Odour: lemon fresh
- pH (20 °C - 0.25 % water network dilution): ~ 9.4


- Dilute with cold water from 0.125% to 0.25% in the event of heavy soiling
- Pour the water in first, then a dose of 10 ml or 20 ml for 8 l of water
- Leave to dry after 15 min application. Do not rinse or wipe in accordance with the protocol
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