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Equipment Sterilisation - Purification - Incineration Air purifiers Ventum One-Touch airborne decontamination system™
Ventum One-Touch airborne decontamination system™
  • One-Touch™ system for airborne disinfection (cold nebulisation) in accordance with NF T72281
  • Nebulisation of a peracetic acid solution
  • Bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal activity: up to 99.9995% reduction of the microbiological load
  • Contact time : 2 h
  • Simple and effective implementation; fogging allows to reach all surfaces
  • Ecological: after application, the solution decomposes into water and oxygen and leaves no residue; the cartridges are recyclable
  • Economical: low initial investment, no maintenance and calibration
  • Suitable for health, food, industry, transport, high-tech sectors
  • Applications :
    • PSM : 2 m³
    • Vertical flow hood : 5 m³
    • Weighing station : 10 m³
    • Intensive care : 50 m³
    • Operating room : 100 m³
  • Use in stand-alone (One-Touch) or manual (sprayer) mode
  • Each kit includes a case and a small rechargeable compressor and a V-Gun sprayer
  • The system consists of :
    • A reusable case, to hold a decontamination cartridge
    • A cup crimped onto the bag for airtightness and filling
    • A One-Touch dispenser
    • A compressor to compress the air in the box according to the volume to be treated; the Li-ion battery can be recharged on the mains or on a cigarette lighter
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