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Equipment Sterilisation - Purification - Incineration Air purifiers HALO C Smart et HALO P Smart Laboratory air filtration system
HALO C Smart et HALO P Smart Laboratory air filtration system
  • Pulls dirty air in the lab through the filter / returns clean, filtered air back to the room
  • Two types of purifiers, Halo C or Halo P (gas filtration or particle filtration)
  • No connection needed to the general ventilation of the building
  • Very low energy consumption (50w)
  • No direct pollutant releases to the outside
  • Does not require the addition of new sensors
  • Light pulsation communication
  • eGuard App to monitor remotely via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Compatible with GTB systems

    Four operating modes:
  • Day / night mode:
    This mode allows you to apply ventilation instructions for a "Day" time frame (between 8:00 and 20:00) and "NIGHT" time frame (20:00-8:00)
  • Unique detection mode:
    The ventilation system is inactive. It activates at maximum power if the air quality sensor reaches the detection threshold defined in the parameters
  • 24 / 24 h Mode :
    Halo's ventilation system runs 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
  • Min Max detection mode:
    This mode defines a minimum and maximum ventilation power. In normal operation, the ventilation power is set by the parameter registered in Min. The Halo reaches its maximum ventilation power if the air quality sensor detects a pollution in the ambient air (the threshold of the sensor defined in the parameters is reached)
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