Assistance service in your research on therapies

At the dawn of this new decade, and to bring you good news and our best wishes for the success of your projects, Dominique Dutscher now offers, on the French biotechnology market, a new assistance service for your research on therapies: advice on techniques and the choice of materials, suggestions for complementary skills...

Our common goal : to increase the life expectancy of human beings, while keeping them in good health for as long as possible.


Moving research forward

The world of research, drug production and diagnostics is constantly facing new challenges to develop innovative therapies and ensure their safety to improve patient care. Cell and gene therapy uses techniques such as bioproduction, 3-D culture, co-cultures, migration and invasion studies, which are becoming essential to obtain conclusive results and to move research forward.


Provide a tailor-made service

Dutscher offers a wide range of consumables and equipment specifically dedicated to these applications, but the right choice requires relevant and qualified technical support. We have noticed this need for advice through the many requests we receive every day.
To provide a tailor-made service in these fields of activity, our specialist Romain Guégan offers to advise and support you on techniques and choice of equipment. 


Creating bridges of complementary skills

Dominique Dutscher has the vocation to be a facilitator for all these laboratories, whether they are start-ups or experienced, in order to assist them in completing certain essential stages of their protocols. Entrust us with your projects, your challenges, your expectations or your problems in cell culture and therapy projects, and we will help you find solutions! We can, at your request, and subject to the agreement of the different parties, put you in contact with other laboratories working on similar themes or with similar issues. By creating bridges to complementary skills, we wish, through our network, to be a catalyst for synergies in French research. 

We therefore invite you to contact us to take advantage of this unique service. Let's share your challenges, so that research on therapies progresses faster! 

Head of cell culture and therapy projects in France

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