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Power and flexibility


Dutscher has deployed digital and IT solutions that must meet two imperatives:

  • the use of the best tools on the market, scalable, in line with the latest technological innovations, powerful and interfaceable with all information systems on the market for universal connectivity;
  • autonomy in mastering the tools and the ability to develop functionalities for our needs and our customers immediately.


For this reason, these functions are fully internalized and carried out by teams of highly skilled specialists.

Three internal departments cover our digital needs:

  • an IT team that manages and develops the functionalities of our ERP used in France and in several French and European subsidiaries;
  • a Web team that creates all services for the www.dutscher.com website and those of several subsidiaries;
  • a Data team that develops automation and data management programs.


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This in-house organization of more than 25 people offers two advantages:

  • total mastery of tools and their upgrades;
  • flexibility and speed of execution in our developments with customers or for our own needs.




An ERP: DiValto


Dutscher uses the ERP DiValto Infinity, from the French publisher DiValto. This ERP is also deployed in several of the Group's European subsidiaries.

DiValto Infinity is a powerful ERP, with the features and functionalities of any standard ERP, comparable to those of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and ranked among the 7 best ERPs in France (codeur.com ranking).

Particularly well suited to small and medium-sized businesses, Divalto Infinity handles sales management, CAPM, business management, accounting, quality, CRM, and logistics.

The tool offers great power and flexibility, and enables us to create customized programs for our customers in all areas: access to information, special services, logistics services, etc...

Cybersecurity: all measures have been taken to secure our infrastructures, our data, and those of our customers.




The web, the communication tool


A customer satisfaction survey carried out in July 2023 ranked www.dutscher.com as the best-performing B-to-B tool on our market, with an average score of 4.3 out of 5.

Dutscher's web teams develop and create functionalities, load and update content, enrich data and information, and manage web projects with our customers.

This business expertise, focused on the needs of our particular business, is a decisive advantage.


Specific services for our customers

  • Customized punchout connections with ERP systems or marketplaces, without restriction (SAP Ariba, Oracle E-proc, Coupa, Jaggaer, Accenture, Oxalys, Simfoni, Cegid, Sopra Steria, etc.)
  • Possibility of restricted online catalog.






Our web strengths



  • Ensure the availability of web services and the continuity of digital activities
  • Test and development servers secured via VPN; sites secured by SSL certificates. Axepta payment solution secured by 3D Secure V2
  • System audited by a qualified, independent auditor (Société Almond), eradicating potential flaws


Reactivity and intelligent action
Providing our customers with the solutions best suited to their needs, as quickly as possible.

All our customers' needs and constraints can be analyzed and met.

In-house teams reduce development times.

Being proactive and keeping abreast of technological developments.

Digitalization and data: Service Plus


The DATA team develops AI and algorithm-based solutions to automate internal processes with repetitive tasks, to transform data into analysis and prediction tools, and to offer original solutions to our customers.

Specific services for our customers

  • Hosted catalogs
  • Customized API for live Dutscher stock tracking, or customer-specific API for any need to access information in real-time or by frequency
  • Data extraction and production of automated reports and KPIs in the format and frequency required by the customer
  • Flexibility and responsiveness: centered on our business expertise, all services and tools are tailored exactly to Dutscher's needs and those of our customers.






Whatever your IT, web or data project or requirement,    
our teams will analyze them and come up with a rapid solution.        
At Dutscher, anything is possible.





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IT Director
Data Management Lead
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Data Director

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Digital Marketing & Communications Director
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