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Together, let's help science advance 
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Life sciences promotion

Life sciences
Valid from May 1st to July 31, 2024

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Agro & Industry
Valid from May 1st to July 31, 2024

Nouveau e-catalogue Agroalimentaire & Industrie

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Agro & Industry e-catalog

Greiner's new 15 ml tubes are here!

Greiner's new 15 ml tubes are here!
More practical, GoGreen and in stock!

Discover the dDépêche :<br/>Dutscher's latest newsletter to discover!

Discover the dDépêche :
Dutscher's latest newsletter to discover!

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dDbloc location de matériel de laboratoire

Overcome your budgetary constraints, opt for rental!

dDgriff matériel de laboratoire dégriffé

An economical and 
eco-responsible alternative

dDstock déstockage de matériel de laboratoire

Immediate availability at an unbeatable price

dDépôt vente gratuit de matériel de laboratoire

Buy or sell second-hand equipment without intermediaries

dDétective assistant de recherche

Let our virtual detective 
guide you

dDesk accueil espace personnel

Your Dutscher digital office : 
your account at a glance

dDétente BD de laboratoire

"Be serious without taking it seriously" 
Visit the comic book archives!

dDépêche monthly newsletter

Good deals, news, current events 
services and much more!




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Because you, the customer, are at the heart of our concerns, our teams are on the alert, as the image opposite shows!

As a user-friendly interface positioned between our services and your needs, our website is packed with solutions to make your life easier:   
certificate request, sample request, after-sales assistance, technical hotline, order tracking*, available stock*, web loyalty programme*.     
(*Identification required)                   


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Audacity, Respect, Tenacity, Excellence and Authenticity are our values.     

Our social and environmental responsibility is committed and sincere.     
The energy put into our development by our teams is intended to create     
economic and human values.     

Finally, our leitmotiv "to be serious, without taking it seriously", offers you a little distraction.     





Services yes... but also an exceptional product offer!


Biotechnology Range

Consumables and equipment for Life Sciences research laboratories

Agro & Industry

Agro & Industry Range

Consumables and equipment for agri-food laboratories and industry

Our Selection

Notre Sélection de matériel de laboratoire

Equip yourself smartly: the Dutscher Group's brands at the best price/quality ratio


GoGreen Range

Access our eco-responsible range!


Chemistry Range

Find our range of chemical products

Clean rooms

Clean rooms Range

A complete range for clean rooms


 Ozyme Antibodies Range

Full range of antibodies available from Ozyme (Dutscher group)

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