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During lockdown, Dutscher ensures the full continuity of its deliveries and services.

In this lockdown period, all Dutscher's services remain operational: telephone reception, order processing, deliveries, installations, technical services, commercial assistance, etc. Our wish is to remain as close as possible to laboratories and to accompany them efficiently despite the current circumstances. You can count on us.

Click here to read about our business continuity plan.

Dominique DUTSCHER Team


Dutscher App: let's communicate differently!

Lockdown has been reinstated. Your work habits may be affected.

At Dominique DUTSCHER, you have a unique tool to search for information: the Dutscher App. Installed on your cell phone or tablet, it places Dutscher close to you, anytime and anywhere.

Discreet but efficient, your Dutscher App, a real « mobile advisor », gives you precise details on :
- the status of your orders, the tracking of your shipments ;
- your own current Dutscher prices ;
- the available stock of items in real time ;
- the contact details of your dedicated contacts, reachable in one click by a call or a direct e-mail.

All the technical documentation of our products is also downloadable and shareable via your cell phone.

Le bonus : as per your request, the app can send you, with a single click, a notification on the arrival in stock of an item being restocked, as well as notifications on the progress of a current order.

Download Dutscher App without further delay :


Out of stock on certain items: consult our stock by logging in!

The situation related to COVID-19 has led to a sharp increase in consumption, some shortages and sometimes longer delivery times on a limited list of items (in particular gloves, filter tips, PCR plates).

Please check our stocks by logging in with your login and password on our website or mobile app ; and in case of unavailability, please contact our customer service or your regional sales manager.

We apologize for this situation caused by exceptional circumstances.

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Dominique DUTSCHER team

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