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Single-channel pipette E4 XLS+ (standard model), 100 - 1000 µl


Sales Unit : 1
Brand : RAININ
Part Number : 17014489
NACRES Code / Customs Code : NB.01 / 84798997
740.00  € *
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- Big screen, trackball and menu structure for quick access to all modes and options
- Excellent reliability
- Standard functions: conventional pipetting, multidistribution and mixture
- True Manual™ mode which allows continuous real-time control of the direction and speed of pipetting, as well as an accurate volume measurement
- Advanced functions: sequential volume programming, fixed volume, titration, dilution and pipetting in reverse mode
- Independant control of speeds for the suction, distribution and mixture of liquids
- Multilingual display and on-screen help
- RFID labels for advanced resource management
- Lithium-ion battery and wall power supply provided with the pipette
- Fast charging stand (optional), simultaneous charging or three pipettes in one hour
- Available in LTS or standard versions
- XLS and XLS+ : software with ''Admin'' function, allowing to create a password in order to secure data, and to save relapsing protocoles
- XLS+ : seam system improving the pipetting fluidity and flexibility and simplifying the autoclaving of the lower part
- XLS+ : robust PVDF ejector
100 - 1000 µl
Single channel
Data sheets
17014489 - Brochure
17014489 - User manual
17014489 - User manual
17014489 - Brochure
LTS models
Standard models
No item has been found in Dominique DUTSCHER catalog, or in your market conditions
No item has been found in Dominique DUTSCHER catalog, or in your market conditions

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