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Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies is a French company with over 100 employees, dedicated to the Crystal Digital PCR™, with recognised expertise in this technology. Its first shareholder is Illumina Venture.

With a mission to provide advanced, high-precision genetic testing and analysis solutions to facilitate and accelerate research and therapy, Stilla Technologies is constantly evolving and innovating.

Naica® System

The naica® system covers all stages of the workflow and is distinguished by its ease of use thanks to ready-to-use consumables, a multiplexing capability unique in the market and quality control over all stages of the workflow of your experience.

With naica® system, benefit from a wide range of applications:

Prism7 Player

The main features of the six-colour Prism6 are as follows:

  • Easy-to-use digital PCR solution
    Integrated on-chip workflow
    Minimal handling time

  • Flexible digital PCR
    Multiplexing of up to 6 targets
    12 to 48 samples per run

  • Fast results

Watch a video of the new Prism6 reader

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Molecular biology sales
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