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X-LAB® Corning system®
  • To separate and harvest a programmable volume of target cell populations from blood and blood components in a sterile closed system
  • To program and automate the separation of samples in 3 chambers, with hypersensitive infrared sensor
  • DataTrak X-SERIES® software for data transfer and management, GMP compliant
  • Flexible, efficient, reliable and reproducible solution for blood cell harvesting without Ficoll
  • For sample volumes from 40 ml to 240 ml
  • Programming harvested cells from 3 ml to 40 ml
  • Average processing time 35 minutes
  • Precise selection of target cells
  • Barcode traceability of equipment and process steps
  • Single use cartridge
  • US class I medical devices
  • X-LAB® Corning® Control Module: microprocessor combined with the X-LAB® Corning® disposable cartridge during centrifugation to transfer the red blood cells and the concentrated mononuclear fraction into separate compartments within the disposable cartridge
  • X-LAB® Corning® Docking Station : allows linkage to DataTrack software and charging of control module battery
  • Single-use cartridge with a sterile and non-pyrogenic fluid passage system: combined with the control module allows for separation, washing and cell suspension formation
  • Corning® X-Balance Ring Kit: designed for use with the X-X-LAB® system to balance the rotor contents
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