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Overcome your budgetary constraints, opt for rental!

Dutscher proposes thousands items of laboratory equipment for rental. 

Any equipment worth more than 500 euros excl. tax can benefit from a rental offer. This solution allows you to optimize your budgets, to recognize rent charges as expenses (operating costs), to benefit from a removal offer of the equipment or extension of the lease at the end of the rental period.  


How to opt for renting ?

Contact your regional sales manager, or send your request to location@dutscher.com or via the web page of one of of our eligible equipment by specifying the reference (s) and the desired quantities, a possible quotation number drawn up by our sales department, as well as your complete contact details. 

An offer with confirmation will be sent back to you. 
Then you can place your order, and we will proceed to the delivery of the material.


Request is subject to prior acceptance. 

Rent displayed : example of the cost of a monthly payment of a financial lease over 48 months.Possible rental over a period of 1 to 5 years 
(consult us to adapt the duration, the cost and the configuration according to your needs). 

Prices displayed excluding any handling, installation or commissioning services 
(all of which can, optionally, be billed separately, or be added to the monthly rent).

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