Dutscher rewards your loyalty !

Your loyalty deserves our attention

Collect points for every order placed on dutscher.com from your web space and win prizes!
Participation in the loyalty program is of course free !

Create your Dutscher.com
web account


Once your web space has been set up
and confirmed by our services, activate your loyalty program in the parameters of your account to start earning points.** 

Place your order
on Dutscher.com


Earn points with every purchase
made on the web.**
100 euros (excl. taxes) spent* = 1 point
Take your time to accumulate them,
your points never expire! 

your prizes!


Add your gifts to your cart!
And receive them with your order.

* Excluding shipping

** Not compatible with punchout connection (order not finalised on dutscher.com) 
If you validate a cart originated by a requester, the accumulation of points is only made by the latter. The points are only acquired for online orders on dutscher.com, and the points calculation is not retroactive (orders placed before the activation of your loyalty program membership are not taken into account when calculating points). 


Examples of the gifts offered

Video projector

- 1080 Full HD

Juice extractor

- Vertical Juice extractor 
- Quiet system 
- Anti-drip system 

Piston coffee maker Bodum

- Plastic cover 
- 12 cups, 1,5 L

Google Nest Hub 2 Voice Assistant

Use your voice to start playing videos
and music...
Bluetooth, wireless, smart speaker.


- Bamboo design
- 7 different mood colors
- Capacity 170 ml 

Asmodee Jungle

Speed Game

A game of observation, reflexes 
and a supercharged atmosphere! 

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